University of Akron / Public / Private Development


Location: Akron, Ohio

Size: Determined by Study/New Construction
Program Elements:
Student Housing and Commercial Mixed-Use Integrated with New Football Stadium, Public Gathering Space, Student-Oriented Recreation

Sustainable Features:
High efficiency systems, green roofs

The University of Akron solicited interest in competition format for planning a public/private development to integrate student housing and commercial development with the new football stadium and adjacent Greek Village. Multiple planning options were studied to understand the potential of the program and site.

The options considered various densities and residential unit types, as well as creative adjacencies of program elements that maximized return on investment and generated an exciting live-work-play environment. The selected scheme opened the stadium seating to the student outdoor recreational space, which also is a green roof installation for common and commercial space below. A cascading stair connected these public gathering spaces to the main stadium entrance plazas below, activating the spaces when the stadium is not in use.