Carnegie Mellon University / Newell Simon Atrium Dining


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Size: 3,500 SF

Scope: Full Architectural Services

This renovated kitchen and dining hall creates a modern dining experience encouraging students to eat, study, and socialize. The project provides a full renovation of a kitchen and servery along with a furniture and finishes upgrade to the current dining area within Newell Simon Hall. iNoodle, the renovated kitchen, showcases the cooking and facilitates the presentation of freshly cooked foods.

The minimal palette of the kitchen with white counters and tiled walls, rapidly renewable bamboo paneling, and black perforated panels provides a neutral background that focuses attention on the exotic cuisine. The perforations in the phenolic panels along the bulkhead form the signage at the entry which are backlit. A software platform creates a generative light pattern that allows students, professors and others to control certain aspects of the installations animation.

The project incorporates a complete replacement of all food service equipment. GBBN worked directly with the food service operator to ensure that the equipment was coordinated for size, service, and operation.