Cincinnati Public Schools / Woodford Paideia School


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Size:  65,030 SF/New Construction
Program Features:
Classrooms, Gymnasium, Music and Art Instructional Areas, Health Clinic, Media Center, Cafeteria, and Administration Offices
Sustainable Features:
High efficiency systems, day-lighting, indoor air quality controls, vegetated roofs, rain garden


The Woodford Paideia School is a Pre-Kindergarten through Sixth Grade school housing 450 students and will be a true community learning-center, as assembly and meeting spaces will be made available for extended hours. Student dining is opened for breakfast service prior to the start of school, while specialty rooms located off the primary corridor will be accessible after hours:  art, music, media center, computer lab, parent and volunteer rooms, gymnasium, cafeteria and stage. First floor classrooms will also be available for public use on a scheduled basis.

Paideia education philosophy was adopted by the community to engender a life long love of learning in generations of students to come. Students are exposed to didactic instruction, intellectual coaching of skills, and seminar discussion even at the earliest grades. Classrooms are designed to bring the ultimate flexibility to reality for the teachers and their assistants. The extended hours support the full engagement of the family in the education of the student and promote a similar love for continuing education in adults.