Covington Latin School / School Renovation & Expansion


Location:  Covington, Kentucky

40,360 Expansion / 37,232 Renovation

Program Features:
Renovated Classrooms
Administrative Space
Senior Lounge
Atrium / Commons
Science Wing (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
Computer Lab
Cafeteria & Kitchen
Multipurpose Space to be used by Diocese


GBBN initially provided a Facility Master Plan to help guide the school through their Strategic Plan. The Plan included benchmarking the facility against national space standards and future growth. The existing school was extremely overcrowded and the space didn’t meet the demands of the students or the faculty. The school worked with GBBN to renovate the existing space and expand beyond their borders in order to provide space that was more conducive to the curriculum and teaching methodologies. The renovation included upgrading their existing classrooms to include the latest in technology, creating a senior lounge, development office and more administrative space. The expansion includes a large atrium in the center of the building, also known as the ”commons”, to support small groups and the collaborative learning environment. It also serves as a gathering place for the student body. The new “forum” or large cafeteria / multipurpose room and fully equipped kitchen supports both school and community needs. The expanded 2nd level includes an entirely new science wing, providing space for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and a large Computer Lab. The renovation & expansion transformed the existing space, and more accurately represents the school as the progressive environment that it is.