Northern Kentucky University / Welcome Center


Location: Highland Heights, Kentucky

Size:  5,600SF Welcome Center, 1,030 Space Parking Center  
Program Features:
Campus Visitors Center, Meeting Rooms, Auditorium, Parking Structure


Set at a key location along the University’s front door entrance, the NKU Welcome Center becomes a launching point for tours or a stopping point as one travels to the NKU Bank of Kentucky Center.  Programmed spaces include a group auditorium, private family counseling spaces and access to the parking office for campus navigation information. For user comfort, sunlight is controlled by the building’s form, which prevents the light from interfering with day-to-day functions yet permits a sunlit, enlivened environment.  

The parking garage was carefully sited so that it does not obstruct the prominent views from the hilltop campus toward the campus front door and the Bank of Kentucky Center. Pedestrians can access the Center at Event Level by traversing a pedestrian bridge from the campus to the arena.