• As we wind down three years of renovation for our department, I would like to express my thanks to all of you for a grand experience.... The 6, 7, and 8 floors are magnificent achievements compared to the dingy, unsafe labs/offices we were working in prior to the renovation. I have nothing but the highest regard for the professionalism, attention to detail, care for the finished project, and concern for your client that you demonstrated.

    Guy Cameron
    Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati / Rieveschl Hall Science Renovation 5 & 6


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Scope: Architecture, Interior Design
Laboratory Design

Size: 52,000 SF

Phases 5&6 includes the renovation of 52,000 SF for chemistry and biology research laboratories, offices, conference rooms and informal meeting areas. During the programming phase it was essential to clearly define the current and future teaching and research needs, to plan for the flexibility and adaptability required over time, and to better determine the scope of the renovation within the given budget.

Spaces included teaching spaces, research laboratories, offices, conference rooms, and informal meeting areas. The teaching labs were moved into smaller class sizes of 24 with more flexible systems to allow for group work and hands-on learning. The research labs were designed as larger adaptive spaces with support labs to attract new researchers, allow for research changes and encourage collaboration. Student spaces throughout the project encourage students to study in groups or on their own.

GBBN in collaboration with Lord Aeck Sargent.