Beijing Electric Hospital / Renovation & Addition


Location: Beijing, China

Size:  2,045,000 SF / 190,000 SM
Program Features:
18 Stories
Health Management Building (renovation)
Administration Department (renovation)
Outpatient Department (1500 patients/day)
Emergency Department
Inpatient Department (400 beds)
Sustainable Features:
Vegetated Roofs
Natural Ventilation
Solar Orientation
Exterior-mounted Shading Devices

The addition to the Beijing Electric Hospital will add 400 inpatient beds and will expand the outpatient department to handle 1500 patients daily. The challenge was to add to the existing hospital while maintaining operations while under construction. This included a series of phasing strategies for temporary outpatient and inpatient services while respecting the need for constant connection to diagnostic and treatment department.

Two Schemes were developed for the North China Power Grid Co. Ltd. (华北电网北京有限公司). The first scheme represents a poetic iconic form of electricity, which is seen in the outpatient massing. Random colored glass panels span multiple floors on the inpatient tower providing shading and unique vistas from within as well as present a vibrant and energetic facade from the street. An abundance of garden spaces and vegetated roofs offer a respite from Beijing's crowded streets.

The second scheme represents a simple yet bold integration into its urban context. Regular vertical fins facing the street provide a changing face as one approaches or passes along the facade. The lines are simple and the building symmetrical. Glass boxes protrude from the edges of the tower as places for patient and family gathering.

This project was designed in association with China IPPR International Engineering Corporation.