Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center / Cancer and Blood Disease Institute Inpatient Clinic


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Scope: Full Architectural Services

 At Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute (CBDI), we utilized generative design strategies to create an inpatient unit tailored to the needs of the Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) population. Our approach highlighted emotional well-being through environment, incorporating psychosocial research with patient and staff feedback to design meaningful care spaces that focus on promoting the sense of coherence so crucial to patients who must endure long hospital stays.

For teenagers and young adults, dealing with cancer treatment is an especially high stress experience. Their unique psychosocial needs are rarely catered to in patient environments, especially pediatric facilities geared toward young children. Prolonged hospital stays followed by months of follow up outpatient visits that can last up to several hours require an engaging environment to prevent them from feeling socially isolated, scared, or depressed. They need age appropriate surroundings that feel familiar yet regenerative. At the heart of our approach was the desire to provide choices and variety to allow AYA patients to assert control over even small decisions. The concept for design was based upon evoking a neighborhood setting. Each room was conceived of as a studio apartment with separate zones for sleeping/hanging out or storage of for favorite possessions, clothing, snacks and entertainment. Inset entries are developed as “front porches” with windows in the doors to allow patients to watch the world go by. A series of destinations were also created including an activity room, pocket lounges, a corridor seating alcove, and workout and holistic health spaces.