Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center / Emergency Department Renovation


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Scope: Full Architectural Services

Size: 24,385

The Emergency Department at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center spent years operating in an undersized, over-utilized space. The decision was made to invest in an interim renovation to their existing facility. Prioritizing initiatives, exploring new work flow models, balancing the emerging trends while staying focused on delivering best-in-class patient care were the tenants that drove the project scope. This approach allowed the team to establish goals that were focused upon enhancing patient experience while providing spaces that could be used as a testing ground in advance of the design of a new emergency department. In order to achieve these goals, the team employed a variety of techniques throughout the concept planning and design process. Observations, benchmarking, testing mock-ups and running simulations were experiences that allowed for exploration of optional workflows and drove the design of key elements in this space. Critical improvements included rethinking the first encounter desk to better support the interaction between care providers and families along with creating a fast-track unit and psych observation rooms to support specific functions and promote a more streamlined work flow to support care for all patients. The resulting renovated Emergency Department utilizes a concept that engages patients and families while providing a vehicle for breaking down silos amongst team members.