Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center / Pediatric Heart Clinic


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Size: 2,567 SM / 27,620 SF

Program Features/ Size:
Pediatric Cardiology Clinic
18,800 s.f. 21 exam rooms

Adult Cardiology Clinic
4,300 s.f. 8 exam rooms

Inpatient renovation
47 Inpatient Rooms
(30 Cardiac Intensive Care Unit -

The Pediatric Heart Clinic has 21 exam rooms sized for flexibility. Some are dedicated Echo Rooms, but the other regular exam rooms have space for a mobile Echo machine, thus greatly enhancing flexibility. The dedicated Echo rooms are arranged close to two Sedation Procedure Rooms for sedated echo cardiograms,and across from a recovery area. A section of the recovery area can be used for administering conscious sedation. Echo tech workstations are located close to the echo area for convenience. There is also a large image reading room with place for individual or group work.

The regular cardiac exam rooms are arranged around staff work areas to facilitate efficient work flow and flexibility to accommodate individual physicians or large teams. Strategically placed vital signs rooms, consultation rooms and medical supply areas also help the efficient flow of work. Convenient waiting with positive distractions for children enhances the experience of the visit. Additional specialty areas include a large exercise area, pacemaker room and ECG/Holter room.

An adjacent Adult Heart Clinic accommodates this population in a clinic more appropriate esthetically for adults. Cincinnati Children's is attracting more and more adults with congenital heart issues because their pediatricians understand the abnormal heart better and have often followed the patients progress from when they were children.