Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center / Translational Research Facility


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Size:  425,000 SF / New construction
Program Features:
11 Research Floors
Wet/Dry Labs
Data Center
Collaboration / Gathering Spaces
Meeting Rooms
Dining Facilities
Sustainable Features: 
Sunshades on southern facade
Sustainable materials

A distinctive gateway on the edge of the CCHMC’s campus, the Translational Research Facility is a stylistic change from the rest of campus.  The tower blends traditional materials with metal and glass to promote transparency and celebrate innovation. 

The laboratory space is organized into two-story neighborhoods along with offices and breakout spaces, all configured to encourage interaction and collaboration.  The design intent was to facilitate casual interactions outside of the lab, which becomes as important as the work in the lab space itself.  By enabling researchers to interact more, the cross pollination of ideas leads to increases in scientific knowledge.

Occupants enjoy panoramic views combined with an abundance of controlled natural light in offices, common areas, traditional laboratories and double height break-out spaces, a distinct contrast from the utilitarian and internalized research buildings of the past. The facility serves to improve recruitment /retention for one of the leading pediatric institutions in the world and signifies the importance of translational research as an integral component of modern patient care.

In collaboration with Jacobs for lab planning.