Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center / A6 Heart Institute Pre & Post Procedure Suite


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Size: 5,500 SF

Scope: Full Architectural Services

This project creates a welcoming arrival experience for patients visiting The Heart Institute (HI) at Cincinnati Children’s. It extends a unique institute image that was previously developed by GBBN for HI’s outpatient clinic to an inpatient floor.

When arriving to the floor, visitors are met with a greeter desk and a decorative wayfinding element to orient them to the various functions of the floor. Those needing surgery or outpatient procedures enter directly from the elevator lobby into a spacious light-filled waiting room designed to accommodate various types of activities and group sizes. The theme of art and natural light is carried through to the prep/recovery area. Each of the eight private patient bays and the Phase I recovery area has a window and unique color theme and artwork. Patients follow a trail of hearts past a rainbow of floor and wall markers that lead them to their assigned room. The prep/recovery area connects directly to a dedicated MRI suite, Cardiac OR’s, and Catheterization labs.

The MRI suite was designed to welcome patients arriving from several different points. Those coming from the prep/recovery area have a dedicated entrance to maintain the intimate feel of the space and not expose them to the more generalized traffic of the floor. Ambulatory patients would be escorted directly from the waiting room to a dedicated MRI entrance to reduce the anxiety of traveling through the prep/and recovery space and inpatients, or those requiring an MRI mid-cath procedure had their own distinct point of entry. By separating these three paths of travel we were able to provide each patient stream with the best possible experience.

The design goals of this project were centered upon improving the experience for patients and their families.