Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center / Clinical Sciences Pavilion


Scope of Services:
Medical Planning, Architecture,
Interior Design

400,000 SF/New Construction

Program Features:
13 Research Floors
3 Clinic Floors
Wet/Dry Labs and office space
Collaboration/Gathering Spaces
Meeting Rooms

The Clinical Sciences Pavilion includes clinical and translational research with a research-focused outpatient clinic, and office space for faculty and staff of Cincinnati Children’s, one of the leading pediatric institutions in the world. The typical laboratory floor is designed around a concept of transparency, enabling views throughout the building as well as drawing natural light deep within the building. The other notion of transparency is the opportunity for visual connectivity from office to lab and vice versa. Design features include collaborative spaces that are selectively placed to draw researchers out from their labs. The main collaborative space, termed the “Beehive,” links the Translational Research Building and Clinical Sciences Pavilion. GBBN collaborated with Jacobs & HDR for wet and dry lab planning on this project.

The building is also the new location of Cincinnati Children’s executive leadership team. The goal was to shift from a private office environment to a more open office workplace to encourage collaboration. This project included a comprehensive change management and design process, which began with a workshop that was designed to consider the impacts of workplace shifts and culture changes within the organization. GBBN led a process of bringing leadership team goals, organizational dynamics, and the organization’s mission into alignment with a new workplace environment. Working with the CEO of Cincinnati Children’s, GBBN navigated the cultural shift within the work environment that provides a dynamic platform for meeting the internal goals of the leadership team.

Amenity space on the 14th floor, which includes a flexible, large meeting space and an outdoor terrace with expansive views of the city, provides the hospital with a unique space to host events.