Civil Aviation General Hospital / Renovation & Addition


Location: Beijing

Size:  1,431,600 SF / 133,000 SM
Program Features:
14 Stories
Outpatient Department (3000 additional patients/day)
Emergency Department
Inpatient Department (610 additional beds)

Sustainable Features:
Vegetated Roofs
Natural Ventilation
Solar Orientation
Exterior-mounted Shading Devices

The addition to and renovation of the existing Civil Aviation General Hospital strengthens its ability to serve the community and the employees of the Civil Aviation Administration of China or CAAC (中国民用航空总局).  Adding an additional 61,200 sm to the existing 71,800 sm facility will give the 133,000 sm hospital the ability to serve 5,500 visitors daily and provide 1120 total inpatient beds.

Two schemes were developed for the client. The first scheme takes its cues from the tail of an airplane. Easily recognizable by the air crew as the signature of an airplane it also marks the path to the main entrance. A light and airy screen adds depth and transparency to the building while offering shading to the rooms within. A glass volume protrudes beyond the screen which offers a space for patient and family gatherings.

Scheme two uses a tube louver system with a profile of an airplane wing to provide shading to the rooms and visual interest to the main street. Additionally, the interlocking rectangular masses are dramatically sheered at the ends to reveal brightly colored glass planes. Slender, canted vertical tube columns are expressed between the volumes to stitch them together visually. Green roofs and a vegetated wall on the south side offer a tranquil retreat away from the bustle of the urban environment.

Both schemes provide a dramatic, multi-story lobby that acts as a chimney stack for natural ventilation.

This project was designed in association with China IPPR International Engineering Corporation.