Hardin Memorial Hospital / Emergency Department


Location: Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Scope: Interior Design

Size: 28,000 SF Renovation

Designed for 70,000 annual visits, the Hardin Emergency Department has a relatively high incidence of trauma cases for a community hospital. Thus there is a need for a robust trauma unit with supporting CT scan and Radiographic imaging adjacent to the trauma bays. This project will include complete rebuilding of the existing ED plus an addition of an equal amount of new space, thereby doubling the ED in size.

The plan is conceived in the “Ribbon’ format which allows for optimal staffing / patient ratios throughout the entire 24 hour day. The combination of open planned space with all exam rooms in an interconnected array of radial segments or “ribbon” permits maximum visualization throughout the department. This continuity affords the third-shift staff the ability to safely manage a spike in patient volume as each exam room is adjacent to another and all are easily visible. Supplies, medications, and other patient care services are decentralized and distributed around the “Ribbon” to afford easy and ready access by the care providers. This arrangement support LEAN operational concepts within the ED. Additional operational features include a Results Waiting area with the ED and an area for Psychiatric Emergency Services that can also be used for general ED use. Low acuity (ESI 4 and 5) patients will be managed in a select part of the Ribbon, but inherent in this design is the opportunity to flex room assignment to suit acuity levels.