Henan Luoyang Orthopedic & Traumatalogical Hospital / New Hospital


Location: Luoyang, Henan Province

Size: 1,076,000 SF / 100,000 SM
Program Features:
Outpatient Dept
Emergency Dept
Inpatient Dept (800 beds)
Diagnostic and Treatment Building
Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation
Sustainable Features:
Vegetated Roofs
Natural Ventilation
Solar Orientation

The new 800 bed hospital will include Clinics, an Emergency Department, a Diagnostic and Treatment Department, Specialty Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation Departments and a building dedicated to Research, which will also contain Administration Offices and Staff Dorms.

The research building will wrap the hospital campus in a curved form reminiscent of an ancient Chinese scepter, called a Ru Yi (如意), which symbolizes power and good fortune. The overall design is a mixture of ancient and traditional architectural elements and textures. Ancient wooden screens fill the spaces between sleek modern glass windows and reflective metal panels. Entry canopies utilize ancient building techniques of round timber construction. Antique bricks become the texture for modern buildings, articulated with rhythmic punched window articulation. Giant exterior mounted wooden louvers on the Inpatient towers are patterned after ancient screen motifs.

This project was designed in association with China IPPR International Engineering Corporation.