Shenzhen Nanshan District Hospital / Partial Replacement Hospital


Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Size: 2,670,000 SF / 248,000 SM
Project Features:
650 beds
21 floors

New facilities at Shenzhen Nanshan District Hospital match intelligent organization with environmental sustainability to provide advanced medical care in a dramatically contemporary setting. The nine-story outpatient building is organized around a dramatic full-height atrium for maximum benefits from natural light and ventilation. The clinics that surround the atrium are themselves clad in a double-layer exterior facade that mitigates solar heat gain and creates the project's polished crystalline image.
The 21-story inpatient tower employs the same glass facade system, along with a full-height central ventilation chimney for energy conservation benefits associated with reduced use of mechanical ventilation. The entire project is designed for phased implementation with minimal disruption of existing hospital operations.

This project designed in association with Halcrow.