St. Elizabeth Healthcare / Heart & Vascular Institute


Location: Edgewood, Kentucky

Scope: Architectural/Interior Design

Size: 66,000 SF Renovation

The Heart and Vascular Institute includes 66,000 square feet of new and renovated space to create a Center of Excellence with superior quality clinical services. A comprehensive approach to the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of heart and vascular disease is the heart of the operation. Ensuring that every opportunity to create a world-class Institute is realized has involved a highly integrated and efficient design and implementation team.

The design concepts for these renovations took advantage of existing challenges and variations in grade providing a serviceable alternative. With patient and family comfort being the top priority, GBBN designed spacious and private rooms as well as an exterior canopy creating a focal point of entry. Ergonomic work stations, along with newly renovated prep suites and administrative areas helped support the staff of St. Elizabeth deliver exceptional patient care. The project includes upgrading existing spaces, including site and landscaping, building entrance and canopy, registration and lobby, and roof terrace. There is also an addition of a Hybrid OR, Cardiac MRI, and Specialty Clinic space.