Suzhou Science & Tech City Hospital / General Hospital - Suzhou


Location:  Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Size:  1,291,000 SF/ 120,000 SM

Program Features:
13 Stories
1,000 Inpatient Beds
Outpatient Clinics
Emergency Department
Medical Technology Departments
Public Health Administration Building

Sustainable Features:
Sun Control

This new 1000-bed general hospital occupies a prominent site in Science and Technology City, a new development area west of Suzhou. The striking design welcomes patients, families and staff to a light-filled house of healing, in which advanced medical technology is paired with tranquil garden courtyards and expansive views to the surrounding landscape.

Outpatient clinics and treatment facilities are united beneath a sheltering canopy roof, spanning between strategically-placed towers on each end. Inpatient towers on the north end are organized for maximum efficiency and proximity to services, with views to verdant parkland past the public health administration tower to the south. 

Patient outcomes are improved by constant exposure to light throughout the hospital; in the lobby, light floods through windows creating lively shadow play across the interior stone’s warm facets throughout the day. Proximity to nature—the feel of a breeze from an open window in the corridor, a pass through one of the many courtyards and roof gardens throughout the complex—add to patients’ sense of well-being.

This project designed in association with China IPPR International Engineering Corporation.