Tongzhou TCM / Hospital Addition


Location: Beijing, China

Scope: Expansion/Design

Size: 1000 Beds

Tongzhou is a major addition to an existing hospital on the east side of Beijing. The existing facility, with 400 beds, will be expanded to a total of over 1000 beds. It is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital blending both conventional medical practices (which parallel western practices) with traditional Chinese medicine, with its focus on a holistic approach.

The site at Tongzhou is exceptionally limited, requiring both a very dense and innovative solution. Despite the tightness of the site, the hospital design endeavors to convey the idea of a "courtyard hospital" where most treatment and public areas open to a landscaped courtyard. Within this landscape the hospital is entirely clad with translucent glass panels with intervening areas of clear glass and operable windows. The diagrammatic basis for this design is exceptionally powerful with a generous courtyard at the center of the hospital. Both Inpatient and Outpatient entry lobbies open onto this courtyard, providing a clear commitment to the most basic principles of both conventional and Traditional Chinese Medicine.