UC Health / Midtown Medical Office Building


Scope: Interior Fitout

Project Size: 42,000 SF

GBBN was engaged to design the interior fitout of two Medical Office Buildings to be built simultaneously in strategic sectors of Cincinnati. GBBN’s task was to create a  plan that is appropriate for contemporary large group physician practice. The central configurational theme in these buildings is the consolidation of similar function, particularly waiting rooms and staff break areas. Operational models of this type, including this one, often have a combination of private and hospital-based practice modalities.

GBBN designed the consolidated waiting room on each floor to span from outside wall to outside wall through the center of the building subsuming the central elevator/stair/toilet room core into one large public space. As there is daylighting at each end of the space, wayfinding clarity is assured.

Exam rooms are one hundred twenty square feet (or larger). This size permits affords the patient/provider encounter to be an eye-to-eye dialog around a computer, or a hands-on exam on a table.