University of Kentucky Hospital / UK Emergency Department


Location:  Lexington, Kentucky

Size:  45,000SF New Construction
Program Features:
10 dedicated Pediatric Exam and 2 Crisis Rooms
21 dedicated Adult Exam and 4 Crisis Rooms, two can swing to Pediatric
3 Trauma Rooms, capable of 8 beds
4 behavioral holding/exam rooms
6 chair – Super Track Waiting
Shell space for future stat Laboratory
2 CT Scans

The new emergency department was designed in a linear plan to allow for maximum number of patient treatment spaces at peak hours and for staffing flexibility during slow times.  In the linear layout, exam rooms are located on the perimeter, with staff work zones and support spaces placed on the interior.  The interior zone connects all of the pods to allow staff to move freely from pod to pod. 

A separate pediatric services area ensures that the needs of children and families are best served via a separate waiting, triage and exam area.  This pediatric zone integrates with the adult side via staff corridors, but not patient entry or exit. 

Pods in the adult exam areas feature private exam rooms, each sized and equipped for varying types of treatment.  Each pod has a "crisis" type exam room that is configured much like an ICU/trauma room.  Nine exam rooms have dual entry doors to allow for less acute patients and their families to enter the exam from an outside corridor, functioning like the "fast track" use for those patients of less acuity.

In collaboration AECOM (formerly Ellerbe Becket).