Xian Jiaotong University the First Hospital Port District Hospital / Port District Hospital


Location: Jiaotong, China

Scope: Master Plan / Hospital Design

Size: 1,600 Beds

The Xian project is a hospital deisgn for a new city being developed north of the city of Xian. This massive development of over 44 square kilometers represents the reinvigoration of the terminus of the Silk Road and its connections through Central Asia to Europe. As such, the hospital design is a look at the future of Chinese medical practices, a merging of current Chinese approaches and international standards. The hospital is currently designed to accommodate 1,600 beds. In this design we have explored the idea of creating mini hospitals within the overall structure... This allows us to design a series of more humane environments than if we were designing a single entity.

The hospital has three mini hospitals directly related to the main Diagnostic and Treatment Area, Cardiology, Orthopedics, and Neurosurgery. Two other centers, while still attached, are pulled somewhat away from the main hospital, an International/ VIP Hospital and a Women's and Children's Hospital. Both of these components bring a significant amount of their own Diagnostic and Treatment Areas and operate somewhat more independently of the main hospital while utilizing much of the main hospital's logistical support and sophisticated treatment facilities.

Outpatient Clinics open onto a continuous Outpatient Concourse joined to the main Diagnostic and Treatment Area. These clinics will be clustered in practice areas matching the mini hospitals. The Inpatient Beds of the hospital surround the west side of a large lake, integrating landscape and watersnake with patient areas. The east side of the site has extensive housing for staff and large hotel and conference center surrounding the east side of the lake. The lake is a symbolic reference to Xian's role as China's main inland port.