3CDC / Court and Walnut Mixed Used


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Size: 18 Stories, 139 Units

Scope: Full Architectural Services

GBBN was recruited by apartment developer Rookwood Properties to transform the prominent surface parking lot along Cincinnati’s Streetcar line into an Urban Mixed-Use development site. Recognizing the significance of the site as a gateway between the Central Business District, the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, and the Central Parkway corridor, the goals were to create an active and engaged pedestrian experience at street level, offer residents unparalleled views of the City, and create a building that links the Over-the-Rhine and Downtown neighborhoods together. 

With the site only being one block away from their world headquarters, Kroger became an early advocate of the project, bringing their best urban store insights from Washington DC, Chicago, and Denver. The design, and its open glass walls, allow the activity and energy of the grocery to engage directly with the sidewalk, and even offer cafe dining on Court Street. The second story is dedicated to prepared foods, indoor dining, and a tap room and wine-tasting space – including an outdoor balcony overlooking Central Parkway.

Court Street, with its tree lined streets, creates an oasis with the inclusion of green walls and roofs above street level. Upon entering the building, or the elevator lobby from the garage, Kroger’s emphasis on fresh produce with green walls and reclaimed wood, heightens the emphasis on healthy lifestyles.
Above the Kroger store, 555 parking spaces serve store patrons, apartment residents, and downtown users. Development partner 3CDC was an integral leader with the City and will manage the parking. The garage façade integrates the retail base with the apartment tower above, merging the three programs and 18 stories into a single vision.

The residential tower locates its entry lobby on Walnut Street, directly in front of the Streetcar. Apartments are crafted for unique framed views in all directions and appointed with full-height windows that give each apartment panoramic views over the entire city. Detailing of windows and multi-colored exterior panels gives the building added depth and emphasizes the verticality. The building terraces back as it gets taller to create opportunities for outdoor space like none other in the city. Private terraces on level 11 offer views of the city’s surrounding hills and downtown sunsets. And, from an amenity terrace on Level 18, residents will be able to watch a Reds game on TV in the outdoor lounge and catch the fireworks afterward. Understanding the opportunity this site offers in its location and views established a solution that will always remain unique to this site.