Elite Enterprise Group / Dragon Cove Villas


Location: Beijing

Size:  20,000 Sqm
Project Type - Residential

Dragon Cove is a community of single-family detached homes and townhouses in northeast Beijing. Its rowhouse neighborhood design provides a distinctive oasis of quiet calm in the midst of the bustling metropolis, in contrast to the anonymous, dense, repetitious housing developments typical of major Chinese cities.  The simple configuration of three-story houses along a grid of neighborhood streets is enlivened by a subtle variety of building fronts and roof forms.  Garden walls and varied paving materials modulate the transitional zone from public street to private front door.  The consistent use of sloping tile roofs, elongated brick and sculpted stone provides for a pleasing formal complexity within a harmonious whole.  The integration of brick and wood is recognizably Chinese, whereas the overall forms and crisp detailing have a northern European feel, befitting a project marketed to Chinese and internationals alike.  Private gardens, courtyards and balconies are intimate extensions of interior rooms.  Vegetation and water complement extend the lush palette of carefully detailed materials employed in the buildings and landscape.  Sunken gardens at the rear of each house bring daylight to lower levels, enhancing their use for living and recreation.  Dragon Cove successfully merges American design and Chinese living in the creation of a new residential neighborhood.