Frontier Lofts / Strip Lofts


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

A remnant of the past with framed views into the surrounding neighborhood, the design aesthetic of The Strip Loft building grows out of an inventive response to residential requirements and a respect for the historic nature of the building. Located in a turn of the century warehouse district, lofts are housed in a heavy timber and steel framed building originally used for the manufacture of hot water heaters. Sold “raw” with the intention of affording greater flexibility to the user, each of the 34 loft condominiums was custom designed by EDGE studio.

In order to create private balconies for each unit, an interstitial space was created with the insertion of an aluminum wall 7 feet from the existing exterior masonry wall. Glass and aluminum garage doors open from the living space onto the balcony. This intervention addressed the need for outdoor space, eliminated costly new windows, and created a distinct identity for the project. As a result of unique architectural interventions, the Strip Lofts provide an example of how a building can be reclaimed from its industrial past and transformed into stimulating living spaces. This project won the Pittsburgh Chapter AIA Award in 1999.