Model Group / St. Ambrose Apartments


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Size: 26 Family Units

St. Ambrose Apartments brings new housing to the site of the former St. Leger Apartments in the neighborhood of Evanston. After consideration of renovating the building, the developer decided that due to a reputation for criminal activity, it would be better to start with a new structure. To allow for the schedule of demolition, site preparation, and new construction, the design team investigated the use of modular construction. Prefabrication in a factory not subject to weather or potential site theft also offered greater budget control, and the multi-unit stacking inherently doubles wall and floor construction, which enhances the building’s stability.

GBBN worked in close collaboration with Model Group and Unibilt to design a threestory structure of one and two bedroom flats, and eight two-story townhomes. The flats are arranged around a courtyard with common stairs and an elevator using traditional construction. The buildings are sited to hold the street, consistent with the nearby business district.

The apartments, which are delivered with all finishes, cabinetry, and appliances, also include installed doors and windows, are placed on conventional foundations. The installation of facade materials of traditional brick and siding, are designed and detailed to fit in with the context and buildings of the neighborhood. The ongoing redevelopment of this neighborhood will now be anchored by this low income housing project.