Private Residence / Lantern House


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Prior to renovation, this 3-bedroom 1950s split-level ranch house had been untouched since construction. The floors were divided into small rooms with busy finishes. The goal of the renovation was to simplify the floor plan and finish palette, making the space fluid, capitalizing on views, and providing the owners with a more private and luxurious master suite.

The spatial solution was a series of additions, redefining the core of the house as an anchoring tower by adding upwards and re-cladding it in cedar slats. A series of balconies and pergolas in the same cedar language serves to connect the house with its site, clarifying the entry sequence. The main parts of the house were then clad in stone, and the landscaping was refined and abstracted.

The interiors feature a limited and neutral color palette, with walls, furniture and cabinetry in a range of whites and grays. Large windows bring the green of the surrounding trees inside as a color element, which, along with occasional punches of color from objects or finishes, enlivens the space.