Private Residence / Valise Loft


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

The owners of Valise Loft transitioned from a large multi-room house to a 5000 sq. ft. open loft in a converted industrial building. The challenge was maintaining the open fl oor plan of the loft while accommodating the owner’s numerous belongings. EDGE studio borrowed the idea of a Valise case which led to the design of the Valise Wall, a 67 ft. long wall of vertical grain Douglas fir storage cabinetry.

Along with ample closet space, the Valise Wall houses a wet bar and china cabinet and conceals a wine room and guest bath. Set just behind a row of columns, it cleanly divides the private zones of bedroom, dressing, bathrooms and laundry from the main living space. This unique arrangement challenges notions of public and private, concealed and exposed, opened and closed, while offering innumerable arrangements for both entertaining and living. Additionally, a large custom hinge allows the office compartment to be concealed while entertaing or opened to provide a large work area.

A minimal stainless steel kitchen is the only fixed intrusions in the large main space. The majority of the interior space, marked by original wood plank ceilings and plastered columns and beams, remains open. Large operable garage doors along the west side leading to a covered balcony running the loft’s full 86 feet, offering excellent views of the Allegheny River and the Pittsburgh skyline from nearly anywhere in the interior living space.