Rugby Realty / 930 Penn Avenue


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

930 Penn Avenue is a 6-story brick building in Pittsburgh’s vibrant downtown cultural district. EDGE studio converted the former warehouse and storage facility into 20 luxury lofts each with two bedrooms, two-baths and an office, ranging from 1550 to 1725 square feet.

Exposed classical columns express the interior character of the building while acting as liaison between the living space and a zone of private space containing the bedrooms and bathrooms. Stained maple and frosted acrylic sliding wall panels open from the master bedroom to the main entertaining area and custom kitchen. A field of bamboo flooring and views of the city skyline further define the open floor plan. In addition, the renovation includes two 1st floor retail spaces.

A key factor in the renovation was inclusion of an auto elevator. Two structural columns interfered with parking access. These were removed and replaced with large transfer trusses, allowing the insertion of the auto elevator. With this configuration the developer was able to offer interior parking spaces to each tenant, providing an economic boost that directly contributed to the viability of the project.