Vanke Co., Ltd. / Hills


Location : Dadong District, Shenyang Province

Size:250,851 sqm
Scope of service: Conceptual master plan and architectural design
Project type: Residential and Commercial

Adhering to the idea of creating modern urban landscape and building a harmonious community with an urban cultural atmosphere, the Hills project meets the need of upper class residents in Dadong.

The overall project adopts urban modern style with a row of public buildings positioned north of the main road, while 16 story buildings and high-rise residential apartments are sited south of the road. GBBN used enclosed residential buildings to maximize the pleasant landscape scale in order to improve the residential environment. Nearly 10,000 square meters of commercial space along the northeast road provides a full range of amenities for future residents.  The project also enjoys a superior location, positioned on the east end of Dongjian road and north of Beinong road in the Dadong district.