Anderson Invited To Join Brighton Center of Northern Kentucky Board of Directors

GBBN’s Aaron Anderson, LEED AP, and senior associate, has accepted an invitation to join the Brighton Center of Northern Kentucky by sitting on the Brighton Properties' Board of Directors

The Brighton Properties mission is to assist individuals and families in obtaining self-sufficiency by developing housing opportunities that bring stability to families, individuals and communities.  These include the development of quality affordable housing for both rental and purchase, access to home buyer education, and effective management of rental properties, which ensure safe and sanitary living conditions.

“I have been aware of their presence in the NKY region,” said Anderson, “but since joining I have found out how the tough economic conditions have really affected their community resources over this past year,” said Anderson who joined the firm in 2002.

In addition to this particular Board's mission, the Brighton Center provides support services, education and leadership. “To us, self-sufficiency is taking responsibility to provide for yourself and your family using available resources,” said Anderson.

Brighton Center Facts
·    The Brighton Center served 84,585 individuals (not double counting) through 38 different programs with a 96% satisfaction rate.
·    The education and workforce development programs alone served 26,569 individuals.
·    Brighton Center helped 3,390 adults become employed a minimum of 90 days, 941 who worked full-time with access to health insurance, and 710 individuals who earned a livable wage of at least 200% of poverty.

For information regarding volunteering and/or donation opportunities, visit www.brightoncenter.com.