Collaboration Benefits Clients Globally

Some companies work for years to find commonalities that will result in a successful, international working relationship. In just six months, IPPR and GBBN Architects have found that common thread – their collective expertise in healthcare design.

During a scouting visit to the United States last year, Mr. Ren Hongbin, president of China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH), met with members of GBBN Architects, a leading US healthcare design firm located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Chairman Hongbin was very impressed with GBBN’s 40-plus years of healthcare design experience resulting in the transformation of many of the healthcare facilities in the US. He invited Mr. Kim Patton, a director in the firms’ China WFOE, to meet with IPPR leaders to discuss possible collaborative opportunities. On his next visit to GBBN’s Beijing office (June 2008), Mr. Patton invited Mr. Jervy Zhu, the firm’s local general manager, to participate in the IPPR meeting. It was the beginning of an ideal partnership.

GBBN healthcare designers Jim Harrell and Ben Earls traveled to Beijing in October to further explore China’s medical building design and discuss the marketing prospects for technical cooperation between IPPR and GBBN.

At the invitation of GBBN, Doc. Huang Xiqiu, Director Gujian, Mr. Liuqiang, Mr. Huant Xiaoqun and Xu Runchao returned to the United State and discussed the medical aspects of architecture in depth. Their visit included visiting a number of GBBN healthcare design projects.

IPPR’s reputation as a leading healthcare design firm in China is grounded in its over 50 years of experience serving large clients. A full-service architectural, engineering and construction management firm, IPPR’s most notable projects include:

  • Beijing Peking Union Medical College Hospital
  • Beijing Hospital – Outpatient Department
  • Hospital of Peking University
  • The Third Affiliated Hospital
  • China Tumor Hospital
  • Beijing Chaoyang Hospital
  • Beijing Anzhen Hospital
  • Beijing Ditan Hospital
  • Main PLA Hospital
  • China Armed Police General Hospital
  • Shanghai Cancer Hospital

IPPR has a wealth of medical system experience providing a full range of services nationwide. From the beginning, both firms established that they shared a common goal, to work towards improving the healthcare services in China through quality design and integrating the latest healthcare technology into new facilities designed as a team. IPPR would bring its local knowledge of services and process to the table. GBBN’s contribution would be its world-class design creativity and knowledge of the latest equipment available. It was the best of both worlds, collaborating to benefit mutual clients.

Both parties bring to the table talented designers who together generate positive design synergy and improved value success via coordinated efforts. In fact, IPPR and GBBN have already collaborated on the following projects:

  • Henan Provincial Worker’s Hospital
    1,800 beds, 100,000 sqm
  • Tangshan Workers’ Hospital
    2,000 beds, 200,000 sqm
  • Datong Women’s & Children’s Hospital
    850 beds, 112,00 sqm
  • First Affiliated Hospital Campus of Kunming Medical College
    800 beds

Due to outstanding technical abilities on both sides, IPPR/GBBN can provide exceptional service to its clients, as well as open up new markets together resulting in breakthrough, state-of-the-art healthcare design.

In March, the first of many long-term exchanges between IPPR and GBBN took place. Mr. Gu, director of healthcare for IPPR, has begun an extended stay in Cincinnati in order to strengthen the team’s working relationship, improve its processes, and witness firsthand healthcare in the US, further strengthening and increasing the benefits of the team’s growing global client base.  He will receive personal training resulting in an increased understanding of the most effective communication techniques in order for the IPPR/GBBN collaboration to be successful.