Dedication Held for Wellington Elementary School

Under a clear and sunny sky on Sunday, September 25th, Fayette County Public Schools held a dedication ceremony for the new Wellington Elementary School, which is now the most energy-efficient school in the FCPS system. The event recognized all those who were a part of the successful completion of the facility, including GBBN project team members Joe Turley, Jay Copley, Jessica Hosfield, and Greg Hosfield.

"This is such an amazing building and such a beautiful place" Wellington Principal Meribeth Gaines told those in attendance. The ceremony included a slide show that spanned from groundbreaking through completion of the building, and the school chorus sang "We Are the People of the 21st Century".

New FCPS Superintendent Tom Shelton commended the vision for Wellington. "The teaching and learning that's happening here is exceptional" Shelton noted. "Yes, it's a wonderful facility ... but what it really comes down to is the focus on kids."

Project Manager Joe Turley spoke to the crowd, citing some of the school's "green" features including abundant daylighting, energy-efficient HVAC and lighting systems, storm water management, rainwater re-use, and environmentally responsible materials. "It really is about the kids and how they'll be sustainable and take this on," he said.