GBBN's Birk To Participate In IPD/BIM Owner's Symposium Panel

As an Owner or Facilities Manager, are you looking to increase efficiency in planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of your facilities? Do you want to get started in Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and Building Information Models (BIM)? If so, then the Achieve IPD symposium taking place on January 29th is something you need to add to your calendar.

This symposium unveils advanced tools and processes that increase efficiency, productivity and quality throughout the entire life cycle of a facility. Experts from Clarian Health, GBBN Architects, Collaborative Construction Resources and Messer Construction will share with owners and facilities managers in attendance experiences learned using IPD/BIM.

GBBN's Chief Information Officer, Matt Birk will demonstrate how BIM saves time and money while improving quality. "This symposium is a great opportunity for any Owner or Facilities Manager who wants to learn more about and get started in IPD/BIM," said Birk. "In this economy, any savings of time and/or money is worth exploring."

Attend this session to hear more about:

Achieving IPD in 3DTM
The moderator, James L. Salmon, of Collaborative Construction Resources, LLC, will explore how combined use of Building Information Models (BIM), Lean Construction and innovative Collaborative Agreements empower Collaborative Teams throughout the building industry to visualize projects in 3D while achieving integrated decisions, design and delivery.

How Collaborative BIM 'Leans' the Process
Andy Burg with Messer Construction Co. will discuss how Lean Construction methods and techniques integrated into the Collaborative BIM process save time and money while improving quality.

How Collaborative Agreements Benefit Owners & Developers
Richard Cardwell with Construction Owner Resources, LLC, will explain how Collaborative Agreements save time and money while improving quality.

How Commercial Owners View Integrated Project Delivery
Donnie Reed with Clarian Health, Indianapolis, IN, will share insights into the potential benefits of increased value, reduced cost, higher quality and better safety performance through Integrated Project Delivery.

Achieve IPD -- An Owner's Symposium
January 29th
7:30 am -- Breakfast
8:00 am -- Panel Discussion

Messer Construction Co.
5158 Fishwick Dive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45216

To reserve your spot email your name, company name, title, phone number and email address to achieveipd@messer.com. Information can also be faxed to Carole Mathews at 513.242.6467. Registration deadline is January 22nd.