GBBN Leads Design Team for Carnegie Mellon University's Sorrells Library Renovation

Carnegie Mellon University’s Sorrells Library is a 16,000 square foot renovation of the Engineering and Science Library. The renovation transforms the space into a vibrant hub for active learning. With the pervasiveness of digital information and resources, the library continues to evolve as a space that supports information gathering and development. A variety of seating types for collaborative learning as well as quiet study is fundamental to the program. Enclosed project rooms and a highly flexible Digital Research Center accommodates larger group activities and supports the research of students and faculty. The existing concrete space is enhanced through the introduction of warm wood materials. 

The ‘portal,’ (pictured on the right) is made of bamboo, and creates an unexpected moment in the space that evokes curiosity. It was designed uniquely for this space through 3-D modeling. Our team then worked with local Pittsburgh designer and fabricator Standard & Custom to meticulously craft the final product.