GBBN Tops Off the University of Louisville Pediatric Medical Office Building

The University of Louisville recently celebrated the final beam being placed atop the new 171,000 sq. ft. Pediatrics Medical Office Building. The building will house general pediatrics, as well as specialty and sub-specialty disciplines that allow patients to have many appointments with multiple specialists without ever having to leave the building. 

The signatures of contributors and guests of the ceremony covered the beam in a symphony of gold and silver sharpie marker. Many contributors included mementos such as “For Kids” or “Kids Rule”, making it evident to all in attendance that this project has a far deeper meaning than simply raising a structure. Once the collage of signatures was created and speeches by key contributors were given, all in attendance proudly watched the beam rise into the bright blue Louisville sky.

In the coming months as construction progresses a dramatic façade of color and form will evoke positive memories from the natural world, particularly this region of Kentucky, in its use of materials, colors and extra space. The colors of the exterior recalling green fields, the bred breast of a cardinal, the golden tones of a freshly built bird’s nest and the uplifting image of a cloudless sky. To learn more about the meticulous fabrication of this facade, click here.


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