Green: A New Primary Color for FCPS

When the doors of the new Wellington Elementary School in Lexington, Kentucky, opened on Thursday, August 10, 2011, the usual activities and anxieties associated with the first day of school were overshadowed by the excitement of news cameras and reporters who were there to cover the opening day of the new facility, two years in the making.

The newest Fayette County Public School has generated lots of excitement because it is also its greenest. GBBN and its consultants designed the school to LEED certification standards, and incorporated many sustainable features, including:

- A Rain Garden
- Permeable pavers
- Rainwater reuse system
- Energy Star designation
- Life Cycle Costs
- Insulated Concrete Form Wall insulation R-22
- Roof Insulation R-20
- Daylighting
- Solar Tubes
- Interior light shelves
- Solarban 80 for all glazing
- Low VOC materials
- Vital Signs Building Monitoring
- Solar hot water
- Photovoltaic electric
- Daylight Harvesting Controls
- Energy Recovery
- Light Sensors
- Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures
- CO2 Monitoring
- Energy code baseline = 72.9 kbtu/sf-yr, Keithshire energy use = 43 kbtu/sf-yr; and
- Construction Waste Management

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