Ground Broken on Albert B. Chandler Hospital

he following article was recently printed in the semi-annual GBBN Newsletter. Unfortunately, an error was overlooked and the name of the facility was inaccurately listed in the photo caption. The proper name is the Albert B. Chandler Hospital. We regret the error and apologize for the oversight.

The University of Kentucky recently broke ground on the tallest building on campus, the new Patient Care Facility. According to Dr. Karpf, Executive Vice President of Health Affairs, "The team has far exceeded my expectations. These architects listen to their clients, try to understand their needs, and try to guide them to practical solutions."

If you ask Ken Greene, firm Principal and Project Manager on the new facility, how things are going, you'll get a resounding "I'm happy with the progression of the design. We're on schedule!" The facility will be state-of-the-art, designed to accommodate future growth and technological advancements in healthcare, as well as provide a comfortable and empathetic environment for patients and their families. The new hospital will help elevate healthcare options in the Commonwealth so Kentuckians will never have to leave the state to receive proper care.

To support a healing environment, large windows are included in the lobbies and patient rooms, providing ample daylight. Interior courtyards offer patients and family members an opportunity to relax and reflect. The new bed floors will provide capacity for 384 private patient rooms with comfortable amenities that will enable family members to stay overnight and help in the healing process.

Flexibility in the design is equally critical. The facility must be flexible in order to allow for change and growth as the practice of medicine advances. Therefore, decisions on ceiling heights and utility placement not only impact the design now, but will also impact the ability for change down the road. The new facility will improve staff efficiency, allowing physicians and nurses to focus on patient care, and will improve wayfinding to the Gill Heart Institute, the Kentucky Children's Hospital, and the Critical Care Building. The new 1,012,000 square foot facility will include:

  • Nursing units (All private, large patient rooms with intensive care and acute care beds grouped together by specialty. There will be 24 ICU beds and 40 Acute beds per floor.)
  • Emergency Department
  • Surgery (8 operating room suites, new same-day surgery intake and stage two recovery)
  • MRI/Imaging Suite designed for two units
  • Helipad on the roof to access the new ED
  • Six-level, 1,600-car parking garage
  • Patient amenities: coffee shop, chapel, library and gift shop