Keeping Track Of County Owned Property Is No Easy Task

Stop and think about the number of properties that Hamilton County not only owns, but also leases and/or manages. Tracking of all the information associated with the large property portfolio can’t be an easy task.  However, with the help of in4mation, Hamilton County can now utilize the newly released Real Estate Management System to make the job of maintaining all of that property information a lot easier. The program was designed to build upon the existing ARCHIBUS Real Property & Lease Management and Building Operations modules currently utilized by the County.

The Real Estate Management Module acts a repository for all property and lease related information relating to all properties. Data tracked in the module for each property includes the property code, related parcels, property use, property status, land acres, property value, the number of buildings, date of ownership, tax assessments, deed comments, and related tenant information. 

Hamilton County’s CAFM website provides the ability to access any and all of the pertinent information, with the added capability to attach actual lease documents to each lease abstract. Employees also have the ability to create and manage work requests for each of the properties via the internet.  The website provides a very effective and powerful information tool for the County to support the ongoing management of its properties and leases.

The Hamilton County forecasts that four to six users will utilize the module each month, tracking an average of 20 property/lease-related transactions. As the program evolves, future plans include a direct link between the Real Estate Management System and the Hamilton County Cagis Department, allowing aerial photos displaying property information.