Kyorin University and Hospital Tokyo Visit GBBN

GBBN hosted guests from Kyorin University located in Tokyo, Japan. Representatives from the University's School of Medicine are touring campuses in the United States to gain insight to the critical principals the guide successful campus Master Planning. Kyorin is relocating a 5000-student academic campus remote to Tokyo to a new downtown campus next to the University's Medical Center. Kyorin University, having a long standing relationship with the University of Cincinnati, were eager to learn from the experiences of UC's transformation from relative obscurity to one of the nations most important college campuses. Former University of Cincinnati Executive Vice-President for Administration and Planning Dale McGirr, and former UC University Architect Ron Kull, now senior planners at GBBN, shared the necessary keys to success in campus planning. Dale and Ron stated there are three "legacy principles" that UC used to guide the UC planning and implementation process: Board level engagement, broad constituent ownership of the plan, and student engagement as the true client and beneficiary of the plan.

Representatives of Kyorin University were sponsored by the Office of the Provost at the University of Cincinnati, and led by the University's Vice Provost of International Affairs Mr. Robert (Bob) Lees. Bob stated that the representatives were amazed at the University's transformation, having in-part been students at the University in the 1970's, and felt the campus now had a campus environment and world-class buildings equal to the quality of programs the University was long known for. Bob further acknowledged the important role GBBN has played in that transformation and GBBN's commitment to our community.