Lone Architecture Firm To Represent US In Trade Mission To China

When GBBN Architects set its mind to focus on sustainable design and green architecture a few years back, it’s a pretty good bet no one envisioned that one day the firm would be one of a select few to represent the United States in a trade mission to China. “This is a great opportunity and honor for the firm,” said Alan J. Warner, AIA, a partner with the firm and a LEEDTM Accredited Professional.

“Back in December, the US Green Building Courncil (USGBC), of which we are a member, requested applications via their e-newsletter from firms interested in a trade mission to China in regards to sustainable design,” said Warner.

Those firms selected will be attending China’s First International Green Building Intelligence & Products Technology Conference and Expo at Beijing’s International Convention Center, March 28-30. Warner along with Jervy Zhu, AIA -a Senior Associate with GBBN - will attend the prestigious event.

The USGBC in collaboration with the US Department of Commerce selected the participating firms based on a number of criteria. Naturally one of the key points was that a firm be interested in working in China and sustainable design concepts. The breakdown of the firms chosen are: 4 product manufacturers, 3 MEP (mechanical/electrical/plumbing) engineers, 1 Green Design Consultant, and 1 architecture firm – GBBN Architects! Names you might recognize are: Trane, York, Parsons Brinckerhoff and Honeywell.

“We definitely had a story to tell with all of the work we’re doing in China, as well as GBBN having a Beijing office,” said Warner. “Having Jin Chen in our Beijing office shows GBBN has a solid commitment to continue working on projects in China.” He added, “The number of LEEDTM accredited professionals on staff at GBBN is also a plus. We understand the LEEDTM rating system and have experience with projects of various sizes and complexity.”

The objective of the trade mission is for the selected group to come together and assist China in developing their own rating system. “We’re being given the opportunity to meet with Chinese developers, government officials and company representatives,” said Warner. “They are very much interested in our areas of expertise and how that expertise can be used in China.” Having an already established presence in China, GBBN is familiar with the culture and design development issues.