Mazzi Selected to Speak at AIA Ohio Valley Region Convention

Mazzi was selected to speak on Evidence Based Design at the AIA Ohio Valley Region Convention in September. She will be presenting how Evidence Based Design is an approach that uncovers the "why" behind design and acts as a catalyst for innovative thinking. It supports planning and aesthetic decisions by demonstrating to clients how particular elements or planning directions contribute to making them and the people they employ and serve better. 

According to Mazzi, you don’t have to be a dedicated researcher or statistician to put evidence based design to work for you. In fact, you probably are already intuitively doing many of these steps, but just not getting the full benefit that you could from them. Learn how to turn your design process into a tool that helps clients and streamlines decision making.

The seminar presents techniques for articulating project goals in the context of a larger vision, getting buy-in from every level of user and management, and putting  design drivers to work in a simple, unified way.