McGirr to Serve On Panel at NACUA Annual Conference

GBBN Senior Planner and Financial Consultant, Dale McGirr, has been asked to sit on a panel of experts and present at the National Association of College and University Attorneys Annual Conference in San Francisco in late June. The topic, one of which McGirr is very knowledgeable, is Advantages and Pitfalls of Private Development and University Projects: Pros and Cons.

McGirr spent nearly 30 years at the University of Cincinnati finding ways to approach institutional and community development focusing on achieving strategic outcomes for the institution, its immediate community, and the larger region.

The key points the panel will address include:

•    Advantages and disadvantages of using or partnering with private developers to build university projects

•    Characteristics of successful partnerships including the University of Cincinnati, the SUNY System, Roosevelt University, University of Pennsylvania, and others.

•    Different models for structuring partnerships and ownership of projects

•    Lessons learned from projects and arrangements that did not yield benefits originally anticipated.