Park 5 Opens with Great Success

The new development at Park 5 was designed around the concept that “You are where you live”. The project emphasizes Chaoyang Park District as a vibrant neighborhood, creating a sense of place and permanence.

The expression of the grid represents the City, and dramatic gaps between buildings provide views into the site allowing visitors brief glimpses of the community inside. The urban siting of the building along the street creates a ground level ribbon of retail interaction and a protective wall for interior courtyards.

The design emphasizes simplicity, with a layering of detail. As one transitions through the site they experience a true order of Urban, Site and Human scales. The building embraces the active surrounding site; however, allows for quiet spaces that provide areas of shelter from the same urban environment.

Personal interaction with building elements creates a changing and vibrant environment. Each element is designed as a multi-purpose object, at one moment becoming a sculptural element seen from a distance, to individual elements that create comfortable areas created for human gathering. The subtle features of the facades start to reveal themselves and reward visitors after multiple visits.