Pittsburgh Hosts ULI Event

Two weeks ago, 30 Urban Land Institute members from Cincinnati traveled to Pittsburgh to meet with leaders in the city responsible for its transformation in the last 15 years. Chad Burke and Steve Kenat were joined by a variety of clients and consultants, including representatives from the City of Cincinnati Planning, Community Development and Budget offices, Al.Neyer Inc, PNC Bank, the Port Authority, Bellwether Capital, CEC Engineering, and Bayer Becker.

Former Mayor of Pittsburgh, Tom Murphy, presented at the GBBN Pittsburgh office. Mayor Murphy spoke extensively about the riverfront and North Shore stadium and ballpark district, the East Liberty neighborhood, and how public transit serves as a vital connector of people to place in a city where over 50% of downtown commuters use BRT systems where as Cincinnati’s METRO ridership is at about 8%

Thanks to great preparation, the trip was a great opportunity to learn from the Pittsburgh market, and make valuable connections at multiple levels and in both cities for GBBN.