Stingray Hideaway Opens at Newport Aquarium

Converting an exisiting otter exhibit into a highly interactive stingray touch-tank was the latest challenge that the Newport Aquarium engaged GBBN to solve. The new Stingray Hideaway is “the only stingray experience of its kind in North America.” Features of the engaging exhibit include the new 14,000 gallon touch tank, a tunnel with a ceiling view panel into the new tank, and a pop-up cylinder for the ultimate first person stingray experience. All the features were designed to allow patrons to have as many safe, close-up encounters with the animals as possible.

Reimagining the space from the previous exhibit’s tropical forest theme to the new Stingray Getaway beach theme presented multiple technical and design challenges for the team. By finding unique solutions to re-use the existing acrylic panels from the former exhibit, the GBBN team was able to limit waste on the project. Along with this, the team was able to convert the pools to a salt water environment, as well as re-work the existing simulated rockwork to match the new beach theme of the exhibit. By doing what we do best in finding unique solutions, the GBBN team was able to create an engaging, captivating, and safe experience for all visitors.

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