Xanadu Opens with Great Success

Xanadu is a high-rise luxury apartment development in the heart of Beijing's Central Business District (CBD), immediately north of the landmark CCTV Tower and highly visible from Beijing's Third Ring Road. The luxury apartments opened in 2011 with great success. The units were attractive to prospective buyers as they offered larger, more uniquely designed floorplans than what was being offered in the general marketplace. The building complex makes its mark among its larger neighbors through its distinctive facades, whose warmth and texture stand in strong contrast to the sleek glass curtainwalls prevalent in the CBD.

Four buildings of 22 and 24 stories are organized around an urban axis extending from the CCTV site, arrayed to ensure maximum sunlight for the apartment units. Xanadu's building volumes are spare and simple, emphasizing the quality of the facade design, derived from the geometric concepts of the traditional Chinese knot.


GBBN collaborated with well known developer, Capital Land, on this project. The success of the project has led to collaboration on additional mixed use developments throughout China including a new hotel adjacent to Xanadu.