Kenat and Kinney Rock the Mic

Steve Kenat and Marcene Kinney recently sat down with WVXU Cincinnati Edition host Michael Monks to talk about architecture in the urban core. Topics included new vs. adaptive re-use, creating housing experiences that accommodate people at every life stage, and affordable housing.

Like many cities, Cincinnati’s urban core is in need of more affordable housing. “One of the things we’re very involved in is a variety of housing projects that speak to affordability and can offer the different rungs of the housing ladder, depending on where you are in your life,” Kenat told WVXU. “We’re working on a project right now in Over-the-Rhine that will eventually bring on 200 affordable housing units, one of the largest affordable housing projects that’s been taken on in the city.”

The conversation also touched on the importance of sustainable design. “We’ve shifted our terminology to resiliency,” Marcene explained. “It’s not just about being sustainable, but creating healthy environments for people inside the building, and being ready for any climate and weather pattern changes.”

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