Leading the Way in Sustainable Design: Amanda Tharp Joins the Sustainable Leadership Cohort

GBBN’s Amanda Tharp has been selected to join the Green Building Alliance’s (GBA) Sustainable Leadership Cohort (SLC).

 The SLC is a training, mentoring, and network-building program that brings together people involved in building projects—architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, community leaders and others—to help them “learn to advocate for health and high performing places, while leveraging their collective skills to solve the region’s most pressing challenges.”

The Green Building Alliance is a Pittsburgh-based partner organization of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), which partners with businesses of all sizes to work on decreasing their environmental impact, pursuing sustainable building certifications, and even working to establish more sustainable day to day maintenance and cleaning practices.

Amanda has been active in GBA for the last year and a half, so when a friend suggested she apply for the leadership cohort, she jumped at the opportunity. “As an architect and interior designer,” Amanda says, “each design I work on will contribute positively or negatively to our planet. It impacts everything from the natural lands where we pull our building materials to the people manufacturing the products I spec, the craftsman building it, the people using it, the community around it, the environment in general.”

By participating in the program, Amanda hopes she will cultivate knowledge, skills, and connections that will enable her to make as positive an impact as possible with her designs.